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Innovation and Digital Transformation: Explore the future with KronosApp

Innovation and Digital Transformation: Explore the Future with KronosAppThe first workshop entitled “Innovation and Digital Transformation: Explore the Future with KronosApp”, was held in Rome on June 26, organized by HUB Engineering and Venicecom Group.

KronosApp is the digital tool developed by Venicecom, led by Presidente Pierluigi Aluisio, hat will help ensure: management transparency, management and monitoring of public and private contracts, certainty of completion and reporting times, and quality control of works promoting an environment in which innovation will drive shared success.

The Workshop marked a significant moment in the partnership between HUB Engineering and Venicecom, offering an in-depth and practical view of KronosApp’s capabilities as well as its strategic potential that makes it the ideal partner for Project Governance.

Special testimonials from industry leaders such as Ahmed Youssef, Development Manager at ADNOC,Fabio Pinton, Managing Director Seingim Engineering & Management, Maurizio Edoardo Cercone Planning & Control Manager Seingim, Ezio Roncati IT Manager Nucleco, Andrea Macrì Controller Eka, Emiliano Finocchi Partner Mozambique and Professor of Business Strategy and Project Financing and Internationalization at Luiss Business School University in Rome, engaged the participants with their direct experiences and the added value they received thanks to KronosApp.

Digitization is no longer an option, but a vital necessity. This experience provided a unique opportunity to highlight the tangible benefits of technology in daily operations. Participants were also able to understand how KronosApp promotes management transparency and quality control, while improving operational efficiency.

Thanks to HUB Engineering President Massimo Facchini and Venicecom President Pierluigi Aluisio, all the speakers and Venicecom organizers.

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