Management, planning and control
of public and private contracts

KronosApp is the comprehensive digital tool for managing the entire project portfolio, to easily monitor job profitability and team productivity, improving planning and control in real time.

Provides a real-time overview of the performance of the entire order book

Suppliers can be managed with one software for budgeting, time tracking, and payments

Any deviations can be monitored and errors in planning and accounting can be drastically reduced

Enables systematic understanding of whether the job order is profitable and whether the team is working effectively

With just a few steps, you can create and update the budget and easily manage its approval cycle

who it is aimed at

One answer for all needs

Top management has a quick view of the profitability of the order book and business productivity.
They have a platform to help them in their daily planning and management activities.
It has at all times control over the profitability of orders and their cash flow.
KronosApp uses a number of powerful tools for optimizing project resource allocation.
It streamlines the work of the Purchasing Department, integrating with any software already in place, with management that has a focus on the needs of job orders.

KronosApp for government procurement and PNRR

KronosApp provides specific functions for monitoring the progress of contracts, adherence to schedules and budgets and facilitating the reporting of projects funded by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).


Work order management and control

Quickly and easily creating and updating every job order is now finally possible

Via Dashboard with key performance indicators and intuitive and comprehensive Report for a clear view of the project, profitability and resources, without running into annoying snags in managing costs and delivery times.

Business Plan and Job Order Budget

Creating and updating the budget in just a few steps

Added to the ease of monitoring cost and revenue trends,both in terms of planning and reporting, are all the benefits of a rapid and customizable approval cycle.

Active and passive cycle management

Managing customer and supplier relationships from a single platform makes business processes more efficient and effective

ERP management functionality to support key activities related to asset and liability cycle management for constant monitoring of time, budget and payments.

Project resource management

Effectively organizing the activities of each resource becomes synonymous with efficient production capacity

By planning and managing the workloads involved in the project, KronosApp provides an accurate statement of the productivity of the various resources involved. Analysis and reporting of hours worked also accessible from mobile.

Main services

and features


Available as Software as a Service or upon request as a perpetual license


Ability to integrate via API with major administrative, accounting and HR systems


Workflows, custom features, dashboards and reports


Workflows, custom features, dashboards and reports

Among our clients

"They developed a customized platform tailored to our needs with specific multi-language and multi-currency features."

"Perfectly integrated with our business processes, it now allows us efficient planning and control over time and cost."

"To our reality, it has provided the proper tools for order management, especially in terms of forecasting and aggregate views."

Scopri in dettaglio

tutte le funzionalità

Gestione e controllo commesse
Gestione e controllo commesse

  • Struttura progetto (WBS) e schedulazione (GANTT)
  • Gestione deliverable di progetto (MDR)
  • Gestione stati di avanzamento
  • Monitoraggio KPI su tempi, costi e produttivit√†
  • Stima effort residuo (tempi e costi)
  • Report su costi e avanzamento

Piano economico e bilancio di commessa
Piano economico e bilancio di commessa

  • Definizione e controllo del budget: pianificazione di costi interni e ricavi, costi degli approvvigionamenti, spese generali di commessa
  • Rendicontazione dei costi
  • Monitoraggio costi effettivi vs valori a budget

Gestione ciclo attivo
Gestione ciclo attivo

  • Gestione Contratti attivi
  • Gestione Ordini
  • Gestione fatturazione attiva
  • Gestione Ordini di Vendita e autorizzazione per fatturazione attiva
  • Pianificazione e gestione acquisti
  • Gestione richieste di acquisto

Gestione ciclo passivo
Gestione ciclo passivo

  • Gestione contratti passivi
  • Gestione ordini ed erosione ordini
  • Gestione approvazione fatturazione passiva

Gestione risorse di progetto
Gestione risorse di progetto

  • Pianificazione e gestione dei carichi di lavoro
  • Gestione operativa del personale e dei team sui progetti
  • Reporting di pianificazione delle risorse


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